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Professional Photoshoot

How to Plan a Professional Photoshoot

Photoshoots play a crucial role in helping companies and brands spread awareness about their products and services. When done properly, a single photoshoot can generate timeless content suitable for various platforms such as social media, digital ads, websites, and flyers. Organizing a professional photoshoot enables businesses to establish a cohesive brand identity and ensure consistent external communications. If you feel overwhelmed when planning a photoshoot for your business, you’re not alone!

Several factors contribute to a successful photo session. It’s important to establish a budget to guide your planning process since total photoshoot costs can vary from $500 to $5000. If time and budget permit, seeking assistance from a local marketing agency with connections to photographers and talent in the area can be beneficial.

Find a Professional Photographer for Corporate Photos

When searching for a skilled professional photographer for your photoshoot, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their portfolio. Keep in mind that a photographer specializing in event photography may not be the ideal choice for corporate headshots or lifestyle photography for your business. Therefore, clearly understanding your goals when booking a photoshoot is recommended. If you need a photographer who can capture people in a workplace setting with natural poses and minimal editing, a Google search for “business lifestyle photographer” and “branding photographer” will yield a wide selection of high-quality photographers.

While many photographers assist in the creative development of a shoot, it’s important to decide in advance if you require such assistance. Quality photographers can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000, so be clear about your photoshoot budget as it will be the primary expense. Planning for a four-hour shoot can provide ample images and allow you to work with a photographer at their half-day rate. Although this represents the largest expense of your photoshoot, there are other costs to consider as well.

How to Find A Place to Photograph

One surprising cost associated with planning a photoshoot is the location usage fee. If you intend to utilize private property, you’ll need permission from the property or building manager, who may charge a usage fee ranging from $150 to $1000. This fee is often justified as a surcharge for using the property because it may cause disturbance to tenants. If you’re looking to shoot in a pre-designated location, is an excellent resource for finding locations available for hourly rent. Utilizing an external location for a photoshoot often requires signing an indemnity waiver and providing proof of liability insurance.

Finding Talent for Your Photoshoot

When planning a corporate photoshoot for marketing and advertising collateral, it sometimes makes sense to hire professional talent. While it might be tempting to recruit friends or colleagues as subjects, there are clear benefits to hiring professional models. When you hire models through a talent agency or modeling agency, you can expect them to arrive on time, behave professionally, and take direction more easily.

Talent agencies will inquire about the demographic of talent you’re seeking and the purpose of the photoshoot to help you find the most suitable candidates. Be prepared to communicate the required ethnicity, age range, and overall “vibe” for the photoshoot. Booking professional talent comes with varying prices, and most agencies charge an additional agency fee that can increase the cost by 20% or more. Some agencies may also require an additional licensing fee if their talent is used in specific mediums like print magazines or advertisements.

How to Prepare for Photoshoot Day

By the day of the photoshoot, ensure that the photographer and subjects are well-informed about expectations. Everyone should know what to wear and how to style their hair and makeup. If hiring a makeup artist is necessary, make sure they know when and where to arrive. While not necessary, sharing photos of those being photographed with the makeup artist ahead of time can be helpful for them to bring appropriate makeup and hair products. It’s customary to send a call sheet to all involved in the photoshoot so that everyone knows when they need to be on-site and what will transpire throughout the day of the shoot.

All people being photographed should sign a model release form that outlines the conditions of the photos being used and protects all parties involved. For those being paid for their time, it’s best to collect their W-9 and invoice ahead of time to ensure prompt payment. Sharing a shot list with the photographer will guide the day and ensure that all necessary photos are taken. If you’re looking for a Southern California-based marketing agency that can help you plan a professional photoshoot, CENTRIC Marketing has a combined 60 years of experience assisting clients with strategic communications, branding, and content development.

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