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Agriculture Weights and Measures

Project Overview

CENTRIC was contracted to manage the County of San Diego Agriculture Weights & Measures Outreach, Branding, and Media Campaign. The focus was to bring awareness to the Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures (AWM) programs, projects and events among customers and community members, to retain and attract quality employees, and to improve ways that that the client communicates. ​


CENTRIC used their full-service capabilities to guarantee that this campaign achieved maximum output. CENTRIC utilized surveys for data collection, focusing primarily on businesses, consumers and employees. Messaging was geared towards the results of the surveys, and it was prominently displayed on all marketing materials. CENTRIC team members where responsible for creating a cohesive brand identity by designing a new AWM logo and adjusting the company’s color and theme to use on all assets. CENTRIC used paid media to engage with the target audience, this included, outdoor, paid social, digital ads and streaming TV. The campaign was divided by season to focus on timely and relevant messaging, that way the audience can interact accurately. 


  • 178 Completed Consumer Surveys, goal was to complete 100 survey
  • Paid Social Media garnered over 15.1M impressions across the county
  • Digital Ads alone served over 3.9M impressions.
  • Traditional media ads displayed in gas stations throughout the county delivered over 5.7M impressions. These locations where strategically chosen based on the target audience. 
individuals reached
0 M

3/15 & 3/16


1:00 PM to 11:00 PM