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COVID-19 Vaccine

Project Overview

The County of San Diego Department of Health and Human Services needed to create a campaign focusing on the upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine. The contract was for February 2021 to June 2021. However, as COVID-19 continued to change throughout the year, the County continued to extend the campaign through September 2022.The goal was to message the COVID-19 Vaccine and Boosters, to upcoming eligible groups, specifically in underserved communities. Overall County goal was to have 75% of the County vaccinated with at least their first dose.

CENTRIC worked with the Health and Human Services department and CBO partners to create marketing materials for the different demographic groups, based on their eligibility and concerns, and continue the educate residents and pivot messaging and creative as new information came in from the CDC on the COVID-19 Pandemic.


CENTRIC used the information and learnings from surveys to ensure we had the right messaging and focused on the variety of concerns regarding the vaccine, as well as tips to stay safe. Marketing assets included television, radio, audio streaming, print, Out-of-Home (Out of Home), digital (programmatic, YouTube, CTV, Pre-Roll, Streaming). We also featured trusted, local healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals and our creative was diverse and inclusive to the target audiences.

We included the 6 total languages: English, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), Arabic, Karen (pronounced Kar-reen), and Somali. Secondary goals included increasing traffic to the main County of San Diego COVID-19 information page at This page had the most updated information about the COVID-19 Vaccine, including the current COVID-19 dashboard, how to set-up appointments, find where to get vaccinated, and to help keep County residents safe, informed, and connected.

Demographic targets included multiple groups throughout the course of the campaign: African American, Hispanics/Spanish Speakers, Asians, Arabic, and general residents of San Diego County. We also created specific groups like Gen-Z (ages: 18-25), Millennials (25-42), Conservatives, Parents with kids under 18, and 65+.


  • 6 different languages in print, digital, radio, and video
  • Goal was to have 75% of the County vaccinated with at least their first dose, this was reached by July 2021
  • CENTRIC received the award for the 2022 Live Well San Diego 21st Annual Public Health Champion for Public Relations, Research and Communications from the county of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
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