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Rancho Water

Project Overview

CENTRIC partnered with Rancho Water to develop the ‘Be a Water Hero’ branding campaign around water conservation methods. The goal was to overcome common barriers to water conservation and promote specific actions audiences could take to reduce water usage. CENTRIC is committed to working with our clients to develop innovative and effective branding campaigns that make a difference.


Working closely with the client, CENTRIC developed messaging that focused on empowering people to “Be a Water Hero” through simple daily actions. The primary message positioned water conservation as a heroic act by sharing everyday water saving behaviors. To drive engagement on social posts, CENRTIC built out #EarnYourCape and a call-to-action driving traffic to Here visitors could learn about leak detection, drought-tolerant landscaping, EPA WaterSense fixtures and the MyWaterTracker conservation tool.

Target Audience​
Residential homeowners and renters aged 25-64 in Temecula and Murrieta who were interested in water conservation and sustainable living practices to save money.


CENTRIC designed eye-catching superhero visuals in Rancho Water’s brand colors to capture attention. The creative designs featured inclusive and diverse representation of individuals based on the target audience demographics. A superhero theme with comic book fonts was used to engage the viewer and emphasize that even small actions make a difference in water conservation by incorporating the desired water-saving actions.
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