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Riverside University Health System

Project Overview

CENTRIC partnered with Your Social Marketer and worked closely with Riverside University Health System to ensure the campaign was tailored to meet goals and objectives. The campaign aimed to combat the escalating opioid epidemic by raising awareness and providing education to prevent opioid overdoses and deaths. Campaign creatives were provided by Your Social Marketer and messaging focused on four key areas: general opioid information, naloxone usage, fentanyl risks, and methamphetamine dangers. The goal was to reach the target audience through multiple touchpoints and compelling creative assets with clear, and simple messaging.
Target Population: The primary target audience was youth ages 15-24 and adults 18-24 in Riverside County, with emphasis on high priority zip codes that  experience high rates of youth overdoses. The secondary audience was the general population of Riverside County.


CENTRIC identified strategic media placements targeting high-impact areas to reach youth across Riverside County. Ongoing optimization and open communication ensured continued alignment with campaign goals, leading to strong results and over delivery of KPIs. Outdoor media placements were strategically selected near schools and priority zip codes. Billboards, transit shelters, posters, and movie theater in-theater ads created massive presence and awareness throughout Riverside County. Digital tactics were optimized for younger audience which drove engagement through targeted placements on streaming audio, online video, connected TV, and across websites and apps. 


CENTRIC drove campaign success through a comprehensive multi-channel approach that led to widespread reach and engagement across Riverside County. The campaign achieved over 20 million impressions, reaching 220,000 individuals across Riverside County. The awareness campaign exceeded its reach goal by 18%. Strong video completion and click through rates exceeded industry benchmarks.
Total media impressions
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