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STD Campaign

Project Overview

The 2019 HIV media campaign was a public awareness campaign focused on educating people about HIV, ending the negative stigma attached to the disease, and encouraging people to get tested and learn more.

The STD media awareness campaign was a public awareness campaign, focused on educating people about sexually transmitted diseases and encouraging them to visit a clinic to get tested. Although this campaign aimed to target both MSM and general audience(s), our marketing efforts were divided 70% MSM and 30% general audience (OCHCA’s priority population was MSM, therefore we focused most of our resources to this community).


The HIV campaign aimed to target English, Spanish, and Vietnamese speaking audiences within the high-risk zip codes of Orange County (high-risk cities: Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Orange, Westminster, and Huntington Beach). Imagery was incorporated into the ads that was representative of the general population. At the outset of the campaign, digital ads were launched. Out-of-home tactics included indoor and outdoor postings. Two different messages were delivered to each audience: The first message was designed to minimize the stigma around HIV with an “Anti-Stigma” message and the second image was designed with a “Get Tested” message, hoping to drive traffic to the website with additional information on local clinics.

With the STD campaign, creative was disseminated to both English and Spanish language audiences within the five priority cities of Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine, and Orange. Both taglines (“Getting some? Then get tested!” and “Hook up with us!”) were deployed through A/B testing in both languages to narrow down which creative would receive the highest engagement in each group. The media included digital ads only and after seeing a slight decrease in engagement a few months in, CENTRIC implemented a creative refresh and swapped the existing creative with the “Hooking Up” messaging, which proved to be a successful ploy.


Our main trackable KPI was traffic driven to the OCHCA website.

Between digital and outdoor media, CENTRIC was able to deliver over 17 million impressions for the HIV media campaign. The outdoor digital shelters we the highest impressions coming in at 9 million.

The STD campaign achieved over 10 million impressions between digital and indoor posting.

HIV digital & outdoor impressions
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STD digital & indoor posting impressions
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