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Civic Communities

Project Overview

Centric has supported Civic Communities’ efforts to build better neighborhoods and support economic growth in areas that need it most. Through strategic marketing, CENTRIC has highlighted Civic’s work in creating affordable homes, jobs, and improving community services. This collaboration has helped Civic spread the word about their projects, making a real difference in people’s lives and bringing their mission to life.


CENTRIC has strategically supported Civic Communities by refining their website and enhancing its user experience to better convey their mission, alongside developing a strong and cohesive brand identity through brand guides and strategic messaging. These efforts were supported by creative design and effective use of social media, ensuring Civic’s initiatives in building affordable homes and improving community services were widely recognized.

Additionally, by organizing re-branding workshops, CENTRIC ensured Civic’s message remained fresh and engaging, facilitating awareness and support for their work in fostering economic growth and enhancing community living spaces. This comprehensive approach has been key in amplifying Civic’s impact and reaching a wider audience.


Our branding and communications strategies have helped support Civic Communities’ work in the community such as developing 6,000+ homes, investing $216M, enhancing affordable housing, creating/retaining3,000+ jobs, boosting economic development, delivering health and education services to 40,000+ individuals, and Improving community spaces through major infrastructure projects.

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3/15 & 3/16


1:00 PM to 11:00 PM